The Foursquare App Is Restructured and Obtains

In fact, legend has it that there was someone who bothered, years ago, to design that sales funnel graph with which they now mercilessly pound us. In other words, it did not appear spontaneously on the networks like an alien egg waiting to hatch . Although no one mentions it, the graphic, like luke skywalker, has a father. Slideshare, part of linkedin slideshare was born in 2006 as a presentation sharing system with certain “Social network” features in academic settings, and soon began to gain popularity. Very soon it became a kind of youtube for presentations . And also, due to the above, in a magnificent complement to rincón del vago. Although it has seen better days (video is rapidly displacing power point in many areas) it is still the largest and most complete repository of presentations on the internet, with more than 18 million available.

In mid-2012 , linkedin, immersed in a recycling process to try to maintain part of its glory, bought slideshare for more than 100 million dollars, a ridiculous figure if we compare it with what is usual to pay in the sector in this type of operation. And that it is quite symptomatic that its financial situation was not exactly buoyant. Since then , slideshare has lost a large part of its own Estonia Phone Number and has become one more of the services that the professional social network offers its users. In addition, it has incorporated some new (and very useful) features such as clipping , which offers the possibility of saving individual slides in your own collection, called clipboard , with a board system that is very reminiscent of interest.

A New Era for the Foursquare App and the Company

Slideshare allows you to search for presentations by topics, news and most searched, in addition to the usual services of sharing, liking or leaving comments , something that seems pretty dead (not surprising when it comes to linkedin). The death of slideshare? We talked about the «death» of slideshare precisely because of this: linkedin has absorbed it for very little money (assuming that the number of users is true) although it still maintains a certain individuality (in fact, you can be registered on slideshare and not be on linkedin). In its golden age, slideshare was widely used by the educational community, preferably universities, for teachers to share their classes there so that students could download them or view them online. Although it is still being made, it is no longer as popular as it once was.

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The big problem, which slideshare tried to fix by letting you embed audio. But with little success, is that a presentation by itself may not tell you much. If you can’t hear the speaker explaining it to you. That’s why video is displacing it by leaps and bounds. Today anyone can record hd video with a mobile, and it’s better to record a class and upload. It to youtube than post the presentation on slideshare. An interesting aspect is the monitoring options. Which allow you to know how many visits your presentations have and how many times they.  Presentations can be in power point, open office format or pdf. Which is very limiting for users of other widely used applications like prezi. In short, slideshare has been to quite a shadow of its former self. Although its integration with linkedin opens.

Foursquare App: New Services Focused on Brands

Do you remember the foursquare app? Back in the early days of the social media boom. Foursquare was one of the most innovative apps by introducing a new way of interaction. Between users and brands through geolocation. Thanks to the foursquare app -and its eventual influence on the rest of the social media universe- today we can see various brands carry out marketing campaigns focused on geolocation and bonuses to users based on the achievement of objectives or goals, such as check-ins at certain locations or instantly share a photo, status or hashtag from a massive event such as a concert or a football match. However, for some time the foursquare app entered a stage of decline.

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