The Future of Social Networks Has a Name: Facebook

In line with this wonderful article by borja ventura in yorokobu on where twitter wants to go, I would like to reflect a little out loud on the future of social networks , which I think have a name of their own: facebook. Mark zuckerberg ‘s social network has been in the news again these days for the multimillion-dollar donation (or not, there are discrepancies about that) of its founder. The mere fact that a guy who looked like he had run away from a ‘big bang theory’ casting was able to get indecently rich thanks to his creature gives us a clear clue. We can say without a doubt that facebook has won the game. And we can go further by saying that it is quite obvious that we cannot conceive of the future of social networks.

At least in the medium term, without the californian company. The future of social networks and facebook: from love to generalization, passing through hate there was a time, a few years ago, when it was cool to be on one or more social networks. It was almost a symbol of social status. If you had a facebook profile, you were an advanced Namibia Phone Number user, and if you had it on twitter, you were an ‘early adopter’. There was talk of the “Fashion” of social networks. Yes, boys, girls and forgetful people: there was a time when being on facebook was cool . Then came the rise of twitter , and with it came many attempts to unseat facebook from its throne .

The Future of Social Networks and Facebook

First it was said that the future of social networks necessarily passed through twitter, then there were those who wanted to attribute that future to quora (does anyone remember quora?) and subsequently to pinterest , instagram … and well, ahem, some crazy person who came to believe the google+ . Attempts that, except for the aforementioned google+ (and that’s how it went) were not actually direct competitors for facebook , but rather complementary networks, as twitter has ended up being. But it is already known that being popular creates enemies, and even more so in the world of technology, where one of the rules is «copy your enemy and then say that your idea is original and novel».

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There were many voices that, in the heat of the rapid growth. Of networks like twitter or pinterest, said that facebook was finished and that the future of. Social networks lay in niche networks , that zuckerberg ‘s network did not respect privacy. That it was boring , that the generalist networks were not going to keep people’s attention for a long time… And they were wrong again. Today no one in their right mind wants to compete with Facebook. On their own ground. It is true that after the initial stage of enthusiasm. Many people were disappointed with facebook . Abandonment rates rose, it ceased to be a fashionable network (what was cool instead was instagram/pinterest/twitter/ snapchat -delete what is not applicable-).

The Future of Social Networks Goes Through Facebook

But even so, the number of users did not stop growing. Today the rate of facebook users ranges between 80% and 90% of internet users. In most of the countries in which it has a presence (88% in spain, data from 2014). And with 1.5 billion active users in 2015 , facebook still has room to grow. Brazil , china or russia are countries in which the growth margin is very high. And the penetration of the internet, promoted by zuckerberg himself. In less developed countries leads to the adoption of facebook almost automatically. That is, trying to foresee the future of social networks, facebook has not yet reached its ceiling globally.


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