The Inbounder: a basic event in Spanish Inbound Marketing

We know that marketing is one of the fastest growing and fastest evolving disciplines. Inbound marketing is one of the star trends of recent times, but little by little we are realizing that more than a trend, it is becoming a philosophy and a different way of understanding marketing as a whole. Proof of this is the inbounder. What is inbound marketing inbound marketing brings together a series of techniques that aim to increase the number of leads and visits to our portals. It is not about chasing our target audience but about attracting it, in all its phases of the conversion process and through all the channels that we have at our disposal. Traffic attraction, conversion, automation, loyalty and synchronization.

Together with the detailed study of our audience, are the ingredients of this cocktail that is giving great results. Proof of its popularity and how much it has been making waves in recent months is the birth of the inbounder movement. The origin of the inbounder the inbounder is a group of expert professionals in the field of digital transformation and innovation. By Albania Phone Number List various road shows, conferences and meetings, they aim to spread their knowledge, favor networking opportunities and put great experts in contact with anyone interested in delving into inbound marketing. At the head of the inbouder is the renowned seo consultant and web strategist, gianluca fiorelli.

What is Inbound Marketing

As a result of their union and as a result of one of their first events. These professionals have published the “Digital marketing manifesto. 10 principles to address transformation”. In a think tank day , literally 50 professionals were locked up to talk. About the future of marketing. They analyzed changes and trends in seo, social media content , e-commerce. Innovation and summarized their conclusions in this manifesto that is available for free on their website. The inbounder lands in madrid on february 3. The inbounder ship landed at the hotel meliá galgos in Madrid. In a road show that brought together some 100 participants eager to delve into inbound marketing. Its bases, evolution, current trends.

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Measurement tools and product customization techniques were some of the topics that were discussed in just over three hours of talks and networking. Along with gianluca fiorelli were isaac vidal, cmo of we are marketing and clara soler, social media & events manager of we are marketing. The three were in charge of presenting the papers and resolving all the doubts and concerns of the attendees. Soon the inbounder will visit cities like malaga, milan, miami and bogota . Although its great event will take place on may 19 and 20 in valencia. The inbouder global conference will bring together more than 20 international speakers in a conference that hopes to bring together more than 1,000 attendees.

The origin of The Inbounder

So… imagination to power! How to use snapchat: geofilters to finish. Remind you that there is also the possibility of preparing geofilters with the tool that snapchat makes available to us. As my colleague alfredo molina informs you and explains very well in this article. Geofilters allow users to add a specific filter related to the location. Where they are at the time of broadcasting their photo or video. These are a good resource for companies to promote their brand and establishments as well as. At the same time, encourage the user to share their photo. Achieving greater diffusion and being present in the minds of these users and their friends.

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