The International Group Gfk Buys the Spanish Online

“Today is a very special day for netquest. Today is the day we begin our journey as a global online panel company.” With these statements on his company’s blog , carlos ochoa. Director of marketing and innovation at netquest , has announced the integration of his company into the gfk group. One of the international references in the field of market research. And author every year of dozens of highly relevant studies. Gfk group acquires netquest with almost fifteen years of experience in the sector. Netquest is one of the oldest companies in the field of online panels. With more than 200 employees and offices in Madrid, lisbon, mexico city, sao paulo, santiago de chile. Bogota and new york, netquest even has a subsidiary based in the netherlands, wakoopa , which has also been acquired by gfk.

The agreement, signed and closed on february 4, will allow gfk to implement new digital panels around the world and expand its existing high-quality panels, accelerate the growth of the crossmedia link in latin america and expand the current activity of netquest and wakoopa at a global level. Global. Netquest’s proprietary technology includes the leading online survey tool in latin america and an online panel management system. Through wakoopa, the company also offers passive South Korea Phone Number List software (complete monitoring of a user’s online activity), technology services and multi-device behavioral data collection globally. With more than 1.3 million consumers on its panels in latin america, spain and portugal, the main clients of the spanish company are market research companies.

Gfk Group Acquires Netquest

large companies belonging to different sectors and media agencies. Netquest will continue to operate under its current brand. Netquest’s fit in gfk the acquired company will be located in the consumer experiences division of gfk. The international group plans to expand the current activities of netquest and wakoopa globally. In parallel, the company’s technology and the skills of its team will help strengthen gfk’s digital services portfolio. Thus, for example, a key benefit of the acquisition is the immediate opportunity to expand gfk’s crossmedia link service in markets currently served by netquest. An exciting panorama for netquest of course, it seems clear that the purchase by gfk will reinforce the presence of the spanish company in international markets.

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At least his team seems very excited about the new challenges ahead for next year. In the words of carlos ochoa : “we are convinced that we have found the best travel companion for the future. We remain more committed than ever to continuing to deliver high-quality data at value prices through panels that we believe have the highest standard of quality in the market.” related posts more than 10% of spanish eshoppers bought online for the first time during confinement ranking of the 50 most popular online electronics stores in spain (2020) [009] how market research works, with joan miró (netquest) for his part, germán loewe, ceo of netquest , added: «the change in ownership lays the foundation for an excellent collaboration for the growth of our company in order to make it truly global.

An Exciting Panorama for Netquest

Access to gfk’s network and resources will enable us to further develop. And deliver high-quality digital panel solutions to better serve international customers in a growing digital economy. «. In his presentation at the smmday event, he explained the. Purchase process from the moment a user needs it until the purchase is made . He commented that companies create processes. And influence this process while he compared what this process was like before and how it has evolved. Finally, he showed us that with tools like hubspot it is possible to bring together a lot of information. Thus facilitating the creation of a precise user profile. Which allows each of them to work in a very personalized way, providing valuable information for them.

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