The Linkedin App Is Renewed on Ios and Android

The new version of the linkedin app has reached the digital shelves of ios and android users globally. This is a mandatory renewal, announced for at least half a year. Where the mobile tool of the most important professional social network in the world. Seeks to put itself at the same level as other social network platforms . As reported on the specialized technology website, recode , jeff weiner ( ceo of LinkedIn ). Was the one who pushed the idea the most. Knowing that he was lagging behind in terms of design and functionality. A must-do for the linkedin app the situation here is that the story can tell itself if we look at the numbers and statistics that linkedin has.

At the beginning of the 2015 financial year, the company reported everything that happened in 2014, where it managed to reach the figure of 347 million users ; although this may sound enormous (approximately the populations of the united states and spain combined), the profitability of the network is really “ something else ”, since 2014 meant a total of 13.7 million euros in net losses for linkedin . Through its redesign, the Romania Phone Number app (both on ios and android) has divided the content into 5 different sections or tabs , in order for the user to better organize and locate all the features of the application. Linkedin product managers and engineers talk about the effort it took to rebuild the linkedin app from the ground up.

A Must-do for the Linkedin App

Among all those functions is also that of private messaging , which unlike other social networks has not (yet) become an independent application (as is the case with facebook with messenger ). Although this is not one of the strong cards of the linkedin app (or the social network in general), this redesign and restructuring as an integral but independent function of the application may give it a little more oomph in the future. So that more users make use of it. Ultimately, the goal is for the linkedin app to be much closer and more to its users, thus helping its community deal with the enormous amount of data, information, and professional interactions that are generated via the platform. As we already mentioned.

Romania Phone Number

This change was something that was due to users who. Unlike other social networks where the mobile app is the most used variant. Linkedin falls short in the rate of interaction that it has at the application level. Some time ago we told you how facebook had decided to create a replica. Ff the current structure of its platform for the work environment. Baptizing this new tool as ” facebook at work “. Now, facebook at work has a new ally to continue growing: work chat. Work chat, the new facebook at work chat facebook at work. Which has its news feed, user profiles. And other elements similar to the “Classic” is creating the necessary conditions. To become the preferred medium for internal communications of a company.

The New Version of the Linkedin App

Now, this corporate social network has its own version of messenger , facebook’s messaging and chat system, called work chat . It is an application that allows collaborators to send messages individually or in groups, as well as share photos, videos, stickers and even make voice calls. In a very discreet way, this new facebook chat system, work chat, was on google play on thursday, november 19, 2015 for all users and companies that are testing facebook at work. The ios version of this facebook chat is scheduled for release before march 2016. This new facebook chat app arrives even before the public and free facebook at work launch (launch was scheduled for « fall 2015 «, so it can be at any time). Working discreetly with the new facebook chat at first glance.

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