The Long Agony of a Giant: It’s Time for the Sale

The history of yahoo.Com in recent years is worthy of the writers. Of the walking dead: a series about the walking dead that seems never to end. This time the rumors about the sale of yahoo. Or at least its main internet business, come from the wall street journal. Which can give them a lot of credibility. According to this newspaper. The directors would be considering the sale of yahoo as a serious option. Keeping their participation in the chinese giant alibaba as their main business. Until recently, the more or less declared intention was the opposite, to sell its 15% in alibaba . Valued at 32,000 million dollars, to regain the trust of shareholders and remunerate them in some way. Since the shares of yahoo! Accumulate losses of 33% so far this year .

However, the expectations of obtaining some type of tax benefit for that sale have not materialized, so the option of partitioning or selling its percentage in alibaba seems to be diluted. The sale of yahoo!, if it were to materialize, would not be a surprise, since in the past it was attempted with microsoft as the buyer, an operation that did not materialize. Marissa mayer could not revive the corpse: the sale of yahoo.Com seems inevitable. Related Slovenia Phone Number what are the most used browsers and search engines in spain (2022) what are the most used search engines and browsers in the world… after google and chrome rising prices and lack of materials: packaging.

Marissa Mayer Could Not Revive the Corpse

The new link in the supply chain crisis the arrival of marissa mayer , previously one of google’s top executives, at the helm of yahoo! Created expectations for improvement that have not been met. The company had (and has) money in hand, but when a big brand goes down it is extremely difficult (and expensive) to get it back on track. Yahoo.Com has been operating as a news portal for some time with a good reception in the united states (more than 200 million unique visitors), but it is not enough to sustain the framework of what was one of the giants of the dotcom golden age, much less to satisfy its long-suffering shareholders who have been enduring years of declining share prices.

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In fact, analysts value that business at just over $3 billion, when yahoo.Com’s market capitalization exceeds $31 billion. That is, for the purposes of stock market value, what is valued in the company is its share in alibaba. Mayer has tried to dodge the sale of yahoo! With a policy of buying apps and niche companies: tumblr or polyvore are examples. Of this, but none have given the expected results. The once successful flickr has been overwhelmed by instagram or by the new google photos and yahoo! It has been unable to react to so many open fronts at the same time. It is not without merit that the sale of yahoo.Com has been delayed so much, since the portal certainly has certain ancient reminiscences.

The Sale of Seems Inevitable.

Those under 30 who are reading this probably do not remember their time as the. Reference search engine against a fledgling google that dared to stand up to it. Survived the crashof the dotcoms, which is already quite a feat. With these wicks, who can be interested in selling yahoo.Com? The name of any possible buyer of flashy has not transpired. Most likely, it will end up in the hands of a vulture fund, which will try, as they usually do. To break up the company and liquidate its assets. Everything seems to indicate that the sale of. This time, could be the beginning of the end of one of the historical giants of the internet.

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