The Mobile Intelligence Company Emma Is Reinforced

In recent months we have told you on several occasions about emma. A mobile intelligence company that has made headlines repeatedly thanks to its. Reports and analysis on the situation of the mobile sector in our country. Like when it published the first study on the use of apps in spain. Or when, more recently, it published an exhaustive white paper with tips to increase. Sales generated through mobile applications . Now, emma returns to marketing4ecommerce after the signing of a first level reinforcement. For his team: luis florit, co-founder and former ceo of dineyo. Luis florit, a commitment to the growth of emma emma has just hired a new manager for its business development team. Who will be in charge of managing the expansion of the company at a national and international level.

Luis florit , previously ceo and co-founder of dineyo and with extensive experience in companies such as deloitte, duel4it and ixoint , lands in emma as cdbo (chief development business officer), reporting directly to the ceo of the company. His main functions include leading the marketing and sales areas as well as defining the company’s business strategy for the coming years. The Czech Republic Phone Number is in the process of growth in which florit will participate to expand the platform in the market. In the words of antonio sánchez, ceo of emma : “this new incorporation comes at a time of growth and expansion of the ideal company where I am sure that luis will bring his great professional and, of course, personal quality to the team.

A Commitment to the Growth of Emma

We are really excited to have him at emma.” luis florit will carry. Out his functions from the barcelona offices , although keeping another foot in madrid. And with an eye on latin america and the rest of europe. A great year for emma in addition to the incorporation. Of luisflorit and for having made headlines on several occasions as a result of the publication of his reports. Emma was also in the news in 2015 due to the good results achieved. Which led it to increase its turnover by 80% . The company , which already has offices in barcelona, ​​madrid, london and mexico city. Is growing at this rate thanks to the activity carried out in the ecommerce sector for companies such as privalia. Groupalia or la nevera roja , with the which has been working since 2012.

Czech Republic Phone Number

Thanks to its focus on mobile app marketing, emmaexpects to reach one million euros during 2016 . Page but displaying a message like the one above does not offer any use to the visitor and rather a feeling of frustration and almost helplessness. The visitor should put all their enthusiasm in their pockets and go back to the page they came from or close the current page. You are not offered any exciting hints as to what to do in the face of an unsatisfactory result. How to modify the experience? Creating friendly  pages that prevent you from losing potential customers. What a great should look like a good  page redirects the buyer to other pages where they can find what they are looking for.

A Great Year for Emma

It encourages the visitor to continue browsing the web. It also offers an apology for the inconvenience. And sometimes he softens the situation with a touch of humor that distracts from the initial discomfort. And of course, we do not punish or hold others responsible for the missing page. On the other hand, the error page must be in tune with the identity of the brand and its communication voice, always in a respectful and conciliatory tone. For example, the error page of the marca newspaper is correct. It has almost all the elements that we discussed above. page on the laconicum e-commerce website they give a spark of humor and invite you to continue browsing the offers or communicate with the company.

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