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Customer cases are the perfect showcase for your company. The caviar under the content. How do you approach writing a customer case? I’ll give you a few tips that will help you prepare well, get the input you need and develop the story in a stimulating way. Preparation for a customer case 1. Approach every customer New on Frankwatching The future of social media is open and decentralized 9:00 am New social app BeReal is growing explosively: this is how it works sat 10 tips & 10 tools for organizing communication work fri Intertoys’ strategy: TikTok, kidfluencers & focus in communication do As a marketer, you need to know this about the customer data model do To write customer cases, you need customers who want to share their story. Ask every customer at a fixed moment, for example three  months after signing the quotation, whether they would like to cooperate.

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If for some reason this is not an option, you can engage colleagues from sales or account management. Motivate them to mention the topic and introduce you during the next Oman Phone Number customer meeting or visit. 2. Grab your chance and go for text, photos and video In my experience, you only get the chance to visit a customer once for a customer case, so make the most of that moment and create multiple forms of content. If the meeting takes place live, I prefer to visit with a colleague who can take photos and/or video. And a tip: if possible, also offer to take some company photos for the customer to use. This is often greatly appreciated and makes it just that little bit easier for the customer to cooperate.

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If the interview takes place online, you can only ask the customer a) for footage b) make a new appointment to shoot footage yourself. It depends on your goal whether you can handle option a or whether you have to be patient. 3. Prepare the customer Before your appointment, make sure that the customer knows what the intention is and what you are looking for. For example, do you want to know certain figures to be able to properly outline the before and after situation? The customer must know this in advance in order to have them ready during your arrival. In addition, it is important that the customer knows what to expect. Who are you coming with? How long does the conversation last? What happens to the content? What kind of photos are taken? Etcetera. Make sure the customer is well briefed.

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