The Paypal App Bets on Peer-to-peer Transactions

Paypal is once again one step ahead in innovation. If we are already talking about the online transaction system par excellence. PayPal is now advancing the mobile user experience by completely redesigning its app for ios and android. The paypal app has presented an improved, more intuitive interface that makes. It easier for users to manage money. Mobile commerce is a trend that is consolidating. And paypal knows it first-hand: more than a third of the transactions out through its platform is done via mobile. For this reason, the electronic payment company has. Wanted to go further with its app, and, in addition to updating its design, more adapted to smartphone users. It has incorporated specific functionalities, based, above all, on the ease of transactions.

In short, improve the mobile user experience from the moment they access the app. Main improvements in the new paypal app focusing on the most technological aspects, the new app stands out for its direct commitment to peer-to-peer and direct fingerprint authentication. The company had already observed that the trend of transactions between individuals, also called peer-to-peer, had increased by 100% in the last two years, and for this reason, the new app facilitates this modality. Specifically, the Malaysia Phone Number List allows you to send and receive money from the closest people, that is, family or friends, that the user may have in his contact list , and all in a single gesture. In addition, the app allows you to create a personalized list with those users with whom you usually carry out these transactions.

Main Improvements in the New Paypal App

The app also stands out for incorporating the fingerprint as authentication for transactions , especially available for android devices. And specifically, this new functionality was proposed by the users themselves, since paypal listened to the consumer’s opinion and the needs they wanted to cover before redesigning the app. Leaving aside the refreshed design part, the new home page is much more intuitive and easy to use. At a glance, the user can see all the details of their transactions (up to the last three years), manage pending payments or send money to recent contacts. Everything instantly. And as if all this were not enough, paypal has included a new section that allows direct payment in physical stores from the app, as well as customer loyalty through the account and even ordering food through the app .

Malaysia Phone Number List

In short, flexibility, usability and greater security for smartphone users. The new app is available in 145 markets, which allows greater adaptability to users, wherever they are. They can manage their payments instantly. The new version of the PayPal app for ios and android is now. Available in the different application markets for download and enjoyment. More details found in this smashing magazine article. Some companies that already use it are linkedin, Twitter, parse.Ly, WordPress. And other companies that want to give the best possible user experience. One-click and the information is instantly available, that’s the promise they made in october 2015 when google it on their blog .

The New Version of the Paypal

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