The Periscope Streaming Video App

We are faced with two ways of counting things. Two ways to show what is happening in the world. A world that can be as small as what happens to you on a daily basis or as big as you want to make it when you go out. All with the ultimate goal of sharing it on twitter with just 140 characters. Or with a streaming video app (and with repetition) thanks to periscope. Your business and personal world has opened up to a new universe of communication possibilities since social networks burst into our lives. The more now that we know the integration of these two very good ways of telling what happens around us. Social network + streaming video app: twitter + periscope periscope launched last year. It is a “Newborn” that has grown by leaps and bounds and is getting a bigger and bigger market niche.

It already has people on the other side who have created over 100 million live streams . Today twitter is making it easier to see what’s going on by bringing periscope broadcasts (both “live” and replays of those videos) right into tweets. As twitter has assured in a statement “today, we are bringing this vision directly to twitter so it is possible to see broadcasts without leaving the application. ” and it is that until now what we found in each tweet is a link to the periscope application that links us and takes Finland Phone Number out of twitter to take us. But things change and right now they have replaced those links with an autoplay within the tweet. And as if that were not enough, by touching the video we can see it in full screen as well as access the comments and “likes” of each of those videos. In addition, it will not be necessary to have the periscope streaming video app or an account created.

Social Network + Streaming Video App

This will give periscope a massive audience for your app, for your videos. For your brand. And that is precisely what they want: a growth in their potential audience. A streaming video app that, we remember again, is barely a year old. And in which it has achieved astronomical growth. Learn to connect with your audience on periscope. Some time ago we told you in marketing4ecommerce four simple ways (with real examples). To connect with your audience using the periscope streaming video app. And we couldn’t pass this article without reminding you. As you can see in this video (precisely) by rubén bastón: retransmission of events. It is one of the most common uses. For example, if I have a pet ecommerce I can broadcast. A pet adoption event in the center of my city. This is the philosophy that made the sports newspaper “As” broadcast casillas’ farewell live last.

Finland Phone Number

Product demos: let’s say you’re selling a tech product that raises some questions. You can take advantage of periscope to make a demonstration of use, highlight the main features of the product or answer questions from your followers. Questions and answers: just as we use facebook as an open channel to talk to our brand, we can speak live to our audience and even ask for opinions. You could even raise it in an open or structured way, solving live issues that are often recurring in the faq on your website, for example. Behind the scenes: what if you show your client the guts of your business and publicly present your workers? For example, “Dkny” decided to make virtual tours of their offices.

Learn to Connect With Your Audience on Periscope

In 2014, it underwent a redesign to focus primarily on searches. Reviews, and locating entertainment for its users, while splitting its app into two parts along with swarm. But the results were pretty much a flop. A new era for the foursquare app and the company surprisingly. It now appears that the foursquare app (properly, the company) is far from dead, at least as of today. The company belonging to the 2.0 league (the one that was born in the first. Decade of the 21st century and that forms the tip of the iceberg of the social media universe). Has obtained a new capital financing of just over 41 million euros. As if that were not enough, the co-founder and ceo dennis crowley enters to occupy. One of the positions of the presidential council , giving way to the appointment of a new ceo, jeff glueck.

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