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Moreover, we expect the actor to be in the subject position, so we are slightly disoriented. This means constructing an image of what happens takes a tiny moment longer. Again, these moments can easily add up if you overuse the passive voice. In addition, the homogeneity Brazil Mobile Number of this industry is also very serious. Merchant handles not covered by Meituan are basically not covered. buy together If you only understand it literally, co-buying is actually group buying in the true sense. Today’s so-called group-buying websites do not have any meaning of “group” in it. abandoned. At the event on August 13, I asked Bai Chuan how he viewed the comparison and differentiated competition with group buying.

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Chuan’s point of view, mainly divided into two points: 1. The main focus of group buying is low price, and the quality will naturally decrease, while the co-buying model focuses on high-quality consumption, and will not use low price as a selling point; Users of group buying websites will be fine after they finish their consumption, and there is no intersection with each other, while the Brazil Mobile Number co-buying model focuses more on the use of social networks, and users who participate in co-buying can better communicate and interact through social platforms. Don’t make low prices, and focus more on the construction of social system and user interaction (for example: Xiang Changfeng, the product manager of Dora Pocket, found a girlfriend by relying on this tool). Disadvantages:

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Let’s explore why the passive form demands more effort. As I told you before, the basic active sentence structure is quite consistent and logical in English. The Brazil Mobile Number passive voice turns this all the way around. You first read what was affected. Then you read what happened to it.  You discover who or what was responsible only at the very end. This sequence differs from how we usually make sense of events. Tencent WeChat, Alipay of Ali, Dianping and even Ding Ding offer numerous products that provide discount cards and coupons.

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