The Success of Advertising on Instagram

As you can see, the oculus 4d also got a lot of attention. Mobile world congress 2016 other products that we have been able to see these days have been: an invisible minibatt charger , a sony bluethooth headset with a personal assistant, a robot-butler, 360-degree video cameras and a projector with sensors in the style of movies spies. In the absence of knowing the final figures this afternoon, the balance estimated by the gsma, organizer of the mobile world congress 2016 speaks of an economic impact in barcelona of 460 million euros and the creation of 13,000 temporary jobs . The 4yfn, the startup congress that is held in parallel, closed its doors yesterday with the participation of 12,500 people.if you still don’t know him, keep reading because i’m sure you’ll be interested.

What is facebook canvas the new format of facebook, canvas , is focused on mobile devices and tablets and arises to respond to the difficulty of navigation (both due to loading time and usability ) with which the user often finds himself when accessing to an e-commerce. With canvas you will have an ideal personalized microsite to France Mobile Number Database customers with the advantage that it loads  faster. In it you can show your customers exactly what you want them to see on your site. Rubén bastón explains it to you in this video. How canvas works what news does canvas offer? Something as attractive as finding text, image, video and links to access your external website in the same format .

Advantages of Advertising on Instagram

Can you ask for more? Once you have clicked on the ad, the most attractive products are displayed on your mobile, as well as the most exclusive offers to click on. One more demonstration that advertising seeks more interaction with the user every day . What advantages does canvas have over other ads? Apart from the fact that they are much more attractive and innovative than normal ads, they can show a summary of your site in a shorter loading time , which will considerably reduce the bounce rate . This type of ad is as easy for the advertiser to create as it is for the user to interact with it, and what is clear is that advertising formats on the internet are going to burn out soon.

France Mobile Number Database

According to early tests of canvas ads, 53% of users who opened canvas saw at least half of the content. And the average ad view was 31 seconds. With a new Facebook tool at no additional cost brands can create their canvas ads with a simple tool. Which does not need any code or programming skills. Everything is basically ready to make life easier for the advertiser. Only needing to add images, gifs, videos or any other ingredients. Art of the new type of facebook ads, the canvas ads new type of facebook ads. The canvas ads related posts these are the new objectives. Of facebook ads campaigns: from 11 possibilities to only 6 tricks to optimize. Your christmas campaign on facebook and instagram ads (2021). The reach of your campaigns on facebook is going to increase.

The Latest Instagram Improvements

This is its new form of posting with canvas, a new personalized format is opened in which to include offers. News and products without the user having to access your website directly . Fast, cheap and very visual. Does it involve any extra cost compared to classic ads? Well, no, as in the rest of facebook ads, you can choose how much you want to spend, but beware. This is a new function that is still in the testing phase and that not everyone finds it available. Therefore, if you still can’t find it in your power editor. You can request early access by filling out this form.

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