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The content is taught, that is, class. There are various types of classes, including large classes, small classes, and one-to-one classes. The previous link will have a great impact on this link. This link is also the most direct link to directly face the user. Most of the word of mouth is formed here. Small institutions can survive because there Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number may be famous teachers in this link. The advantage of big institutions over small institutions is that I can train good teachers, or I don’t need famous teachers at all. Say a few more words. For offline institutions, this link should be the most expensive. It’s not because of the high tuition fees for teachers.

Internet Is Flat Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number

The reason why New Oriental does not need a famous teacher is that he can use powerful content and assessment links to achieve results, so he will not be kidnapped by a famous teacher. Both the content and the assessment process require money. Therefore, the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number high cost of class is a hidden cost, which is manifested in other aspects. ——In this field, the opportunity for Internet transformation may be greater. Related to this, I posted an article on 36kr: There are new opportunities for non-exam-oriented education at school age: knowledge should be free, and the focus should be on innovative teaching methods and evaluation systems.

Such Barriers Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number

Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number
Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number

You can refer to it. In education, what really shines is the content imparted and the teaching method. Content cannot be a barrier, but method is. New Oriental loves to tell jokes. The content of jokes is not a barrier. The barrier is, how can you not think Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number of attracting college students through jokes. Give me a month and I can make a five-year lesson plan. This is the content. I am definitely not the only one who has this ability. Just find a Chinese teacher with 10 years of teaching experience, and it doesn’t take a month. Ten times stronger than me. But I take a class like her, and I’m not necessarily worse than her. – At least, I am confident that more children will like me.

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