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Is there a brand that you cannot show in your video? Do you have to maintain the confidentiality of the testimonial in your content? Surely you have ever had the need to blur objects in a video: the youtube video editor is launching a tool that will make this task much easier. From now on, you will be able to automatically blur objects, marks, or any other type of aspect that due to legal matters or to keep confidentiality should not be completely clear in your video. Now you can blur videos directly in the youtube video editor it is the improvement of a tool that the youtube editor had already introduced years ago (in 2012, in fact) and is now polishing it . With the new blurring tool (“blur”) you will be able to blur objects in everything you want without having to affect or work on the edition in the original file,

Since it will be done from the youtube edition . So if you made a mistake, don’t worry, nothing will happen – youtube editor will always make a render in preview mode of the video with blurring. Example of the youtube editor with the function of being able to blur moving objects. Example of the youtube editor with the function of being able to blur moving objects. The method quite Hong Kong Phone Number List simple : in the editor, you draw the selection rectangle around the object, person or similar in the video. The youtube video editor will identify it as the “object to blur”, and will automatically follow it through the entire video sequence.

Now You Can Blur Videos Directly in the Youtube

This new technology by google to blur objects can be applied in various. Ways and in different industries, from cinema, documentaries, tutorials or even videos for commercial purposes. Youtube, priority in your social media strategy the fact that there are more and more editing options. Covering professional and legal aspects within youtube, is a great incentive for various companies and professionals. Who are immersed in the social media career . Not long ago javi rocamora mentioned it in a post. Including video as a priority element of the online presence (especially for small businesses. More so for those focused on ecommerce) is very important. And it is that youtube long ago ceased to be a “repository” to be a social network in every way.

Hong Kong Phone Number List

What kind of tools and features do you take advantage of in the youtube editor today? What do you think of this new tool? Share your opinion.What has surprised the most about this news has not been the. Number it has reached (also), but in the short time it has achieved it . To give you an idea, I’ll put you in a situation: just 6 months ago Instagram decided to offer this (new) option. An idea that has succeeded. And I refer to the tests. The result of this new bet has been to get a total of 200,000 advertisers, which is not little. Of that number, 75% are outside the United States and are small and medium-sized businesses . James Quarles , head of development for the application, explained that thanks to having reached 200,000 advertisers , “Instagram can offer better ads to users according to their tastes and interests.”

Youtube, Priority in Your Social Media Strategy

In addition, “with more advertisers, we have more relevant. Ads and a better experience with them.” He assured after learning the data. Advantages of advertising on Instagram But what are the advantages of advertising on Instagram? The fashionable social network explained that its format is ideal for advertisers since it has great advantages. One of them is that half of its users already follow the businesses themselves. So commercials are natural in the news that people review when they open the mobile application. And not only that. According to Instagram account. 60% of users say they find out (or get more information) about new or existing products through the platform.

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