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Internet novels are more personal than the collective and social nature of games. In Changde, most of the young people I meet, from 20-year-old college students to 27-year-old married mothers, have apps for reading novels on their phones. Xiaoying, 20, always reads Hong Kong Phone Numbers novels for an hour before going to bed. She likes to watch romantic love stories where the male lead gives up everything for the female lead. In reality, she is in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, and opens online videos every night, but each does his own thing.

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The 27-year-old mother Xi Jun has a half-year-old child. She was woken up by an alarm at 7 o’clock every day, and after feeding her baby, she rode an electric car to work. I clocked in at 8:30, processed some reports, ran tax affairs, and went home from get off work around 5:30. Watching TV with her child and coaxing her to sleep is the most relaxing time of her day after 11 pm. At this time of the day, she would lie in bed, turn on the airplane mode of her phone, dim the screen brightness, open the Hong Kong Phone Numbers Yuedu app, and start reading novels. Xi Jun started reading novels when she was in college. For many years, she has been reading fantasy and immortal style novels. “Although the plots are the same after watching a lot, sometimes the protagonist’s experience still attracts you.

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She leaned on her side, put her mobile phone on the pillow, and “substituted herself” while watching until she fell asleep. “The Bigger Mall” and “Mary Sue” With the changes in the consumption environment of small and medium-sized cities, the popularization of online shopping and more convenient transportation, young people in small and medium-sized cities are faced with more and more Hong Kong Phone Numbers consumption choices. Like their elders, today’s young people still use “going to the mall” to kill boredom, but with new features. Pingdingshan Ye County is a county near Pingdingshan. Many girls here go to Pingdingshan city once a week because there are “bigger shopping malls” there.

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