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Example 2: It is still QQ, the big brother of China’s Internet. It was once considered that the products of low-end users are worthless. In the past few years, there was a trend that business people used MSN, and children only used QQ. My friends and I Said, don’t give up QQ if you don’t want to break away from the Chinese Internet. Facts have El Salvador Mobile Number proved that I was right; of course, today you have a reason to give up, because WeChat came out. Example 3: Vipshop, among the listed e-commerce companies in China, it seems that the best performer is Vipshop; who still remembers that when Vipshop started a business, they firmly believed that China’s luxury goods consumption had entered a period of explosion, and they could earn The money of the rich is king, but how many dollars did it burn?

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It lost money all the way, and then after a painful remorse, it was determined to transform, focusing on the promotion of second- and third-tier brands, lowering the level of user consumption, and it broke out all of a sudden, and the money was made. This example is the most typical! Example 4: Domain name business. In 1997, I was studying in El Salvador Mobile Number Beijing and started working for an Internet company. At that time, the Internet company was incomparable with the current one, which was to register domain names for corporate websites. At that time, we thought that a good domain name was English. Domain names, numbers, Hanyu Pinyin, are too weak, who will use them.

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El Salvador Phone Number

The Internet at that time was the elite Internet. As for English domain names, foreigners are basically all registered, so we believe that in 1997, there are no good domain names to buy. It was in 2001 or 2002 that Mr. Cai Wensheng entered the El Salvador Mobile Number domain name industry. Chinese Pinyin is familiar to Chinese people; while digital domain names are the least difficult to input. Grassroots needs far outweigh elite needs. To say that I have no vision means that I never realized at that time that grassroots demand is the king of the Internet.

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