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Like any social media platform, LinkedIn is continuously working on completely new functions and improvements to existing features. What’s New on LinkedIn? In this article I will update you on the most interesting updates of recent times. 1. Company Page Newsletters On March 22, 2022, LinkedIn rolled out Company Pages newsletters. The feature has been tested for Creator Mode users for a while , but now all company pages Japan Phone Number with more than 150 followers on LinkedIn can set up a newsletter that members can subscribe to.

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You’ll find the option under ‘Manage’ in the right column of your LinkedIn page. Then you can get started. Create LinkedIn Update Newsletter for Company Page New on Frankwatching Japan Phone Number The future of social media is open and decentralized 9:00 am New social app BeReal is growing explosively: this is how it works sat 10 tips & 10 tools for organizing communication work fri Intertoys’ strategy: TikTok, kidfluencers & focus in communication do As a marketer, you need to know this about the customer data model do According to LinkedIn, newsletters can help companies grow and strengthen their community. That starts with creating your newsletter. You Japan Phone Number can then invite your followers once (for free) to subscribe. Subscribers receive a notification on LinkedIn and by email with every newsletter.

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This is of course useful if you have not yet built up a mailing list, but do have many (relevant) followers on your LinkedIn page. Who can also easily read the newsletter on the same Japan Phone Number platform and respond there. On the other hand , you are building on rented land with this . If LinkedIn later decides to roll back this feature or charge money for it (I name it), you may lose your newsletter subscribers again. Members can find  their newsletter subscriptions under ‘My Network’ > ‘Newsletters’. Discovering a new newsletter on LinkedIn without being invited turns out to be quite difficult. Although people with Creator Mode enabled can highlight their newsletter on their profile page.

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