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Twenty years ago, the college entrance examination was the only entry level. This quadrant did not exist at all. Now it is different. Textbooks for primary and secondary schools are changing, and so are parents. Those born in the 1980s became parents. These people have suffered from taking exams themselves. They know that taking Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number exams is useless, and they don’t want their children to repeat the same mistakes. This is demand. The transformation of the Internet in this field has not yet taken shape, but you can refer to Coursera for the upwards, and Xueersi Online School to the right. Immaturity may be an opportunity instead. Although, the chances may be small.

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The front is from the industry segmentation. Another angle today: from the perspective of industry division of labor, where is the opportunity? First popularize the background. The division of labor in the education industry can be divided into the following stages: (The following discussion applies to different fields in the above four quadrants) The Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number column on the left is the product department, and the column on the right is the marketing department. This is the correspondence to educational institutions. Of course, it can also correspond to a school – a school is also an educational institution in essence. The product department is responsible for

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Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number
Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number

Content production is to write teaching materials, discuss teaching methods, write lesson plans, courseware, etc .; large educational institutions must have this special department, even if it is a one-to-one institution, there is also teaching and Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number research. The school is called “teaching and research group”. Small institutions often do not have this department, find a good teacher, TA is responsible for teaching, research and classes, and there is no need to report to the institution. ——In this process, the Internet has a great opportunity to transform. Many teachers are now just porters of knowledge. I’ve done this too, bringing Baidu Encyclopedia to the classroom.

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