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Without it, it has been shown that it is difficult to achieve any successful goal. Of course, there are no exceptions, however, what is taken for granted is that interest is a means by which purposes are achieved and more importantly, satisfaction.

It has come to be defined as affinity or tendency; That must be why it turns out to be the main ingredient of any goal set.

Incredibly, interest is a concept that runs through all activity, indeed, it has become the point of global integration. In other words, it has gone from being a mere inclination, a single word, to become the strategic hub of a social network called Pinterest, whose clear purpose is to arouse interest in people.

And why not also, the interest of business . Learn more below:

The catalog of global ideas
Pinterest for business
How to use the main functions of Pinterest for companies?
Final tips for getting the most out of Pinterest:
last notes

The catalog of global ideas

Pinterest is defined as the preferred platform that allows users to create and manage collections of images on boards that correspond to a particular theme, also events, hobbies, among others.

It has a mission to connect people in the world, precisely through things that they find interesting.

The word Pinterest comes from the combination of the UK Phone Number English words “pin” and “interest” which mean tack (or thumbtack) and interest (or interesting), respectively.

Both the name and the functionality of the platform refer to the cork boards with which photos, reminders or some topic of interest are fixed with tacks ( pins ).

All this to finally tell users that Pinterest is a social network that works by hooking ideas and interests. And there are those who define it, not far from the initial metaphor, as a showcase to display personal things.

The beginnings of Pinterest

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As for its history , Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp.

In 2009 , an application called Tote was being developed , which included a catalog of women’s fashion for the iPhone.

The three characters observed in said application, that the women selected and labeled the images to see them later. In addition to being able to save them, they shared them with their friends and contacts.

For the same year, Pinterest was launched with a private beta version. A slow stage due to the low budget that the founders had to invest in advertising .

It was in March 2010 that they decided to launch the open version which could. Only be accessed with invitations, of which Silbermann had personally distributed among 5,000 users .


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