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GroenLinks opts for centralized management of a decentralized campaign. By focusing on approachability and friendliness everywhere, GroenLinks tries to respond to the affect heuristic . This heuristic describes how we often rely on our emotions, rather than concrete information, when making decisions. This allows us to come to a conclusion quickly and easily, but it can also distort our thinking and lead us to make sub-optimal choices. By properly training the door-to-door volunteers and by giving the message that you always remain friendly, voters will feel good about GroenLinks. Instead of buying expensive bus shelters in the city, the volunteers at GroenLinks France Phone Number bring the message to your door. CDA local: different from national CDA Leiden website municipal elections 2022.On the CDA Leiden website it really says: “Nationally you might think twice about voting for the CDA, but locally you don’t have to doubt: we are really different. There are no Kim Jung Hoekstra practices at the CDA ;). Each CDA faction makes its own decisions about its positions. For us, the local, Leiden themes are leading.” We call that France Phone Number a clear message. In the land of heuristics you have the old likeability heuristic .

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This is especially important in politics because people vote for a group of people they like the most. If many of your friends vote CDA, you’re more likely to vote CDA because France Phone Number you like them. But what if the party leader is someone who is not liked by all your friends? Then you bomb him into a temporary “enemy”, as CDA Leiden has done. You retain the group and the likeability of the CDA, while you set yourself against the national course. And what about the local parties? We often imagine that the average brainstorm for a local campaign video looks like this. A group of men named Jan, Peter and Henk and possibly also a woman on the list come France Phone Number together in the room of the local party. “Guys, we need to have a new campaign video.” – “Can’t we do something with TikTok? My daughter sits there all day too?” “Yes, but then it must be fun. We have to go viral.” (“Good idea, but then what?” “If we all start rapping, it will be a real hit.

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We’re going viral anyway. Who wouldn’t want to watch 5 middle-aged white men rapping?” Error. Nobody wants to see that. It seems as if playfulness is the common thread France Phone Number of all local videos. “No such thing as bad publicity.” Well, that statement is now time-barred and no longer true. You can do a lot of damage to your campaign with an amateurish, funny-meaning video that misses the mark. The voter wants representation, not a circus act. But there is one campaign that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That is namely Wijchen Local . If you’re going to France Phone Number  act crazy, do it right. High production value, brilliant slow-motion images supported by epic music that gives you goosebumps that you are almost ashamed of. We would say, take a look for yourself.

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