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With GA4, Google has completely moved away from ‘Goals’. You now all need to set up conversions via ‘Events’. There are no more ready-made target types available. If you want to bring your goals with goal type ‘Duration’ from Universal Analytics to GA4, a workaround is needed. That is why I have developed a solution that allows you to mimic this functionality relatively easily. This solution uses Google  Saudi Arabia Phone Number Tag Manager and is ready to import into your website. Before you start, Google Tag Manager must be installed and the GA4 configuration tag must be present in your container. Also read: 5 alternatives to Google Analytics (GDPR proof) Import into Google Tag Manager Follow these steps to import the solution: Download the container file (save the file to your desktop). Go to Google Tag Manager and choose the container of your website.

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Then go to ‘Manage’ and click on ‘Import Container’ and use the following settings: Choose the container file from step 1. Choose existing workspace ‘Default workspace’. Important: choose the option ‘Merge’ and then ‘Rename conflicting tags, triggers and variables’. Click on  ‘Confirm’. You have now imported the solution. Go to Tags and open the tag ‘GA4 Event – ​​Session Duration’. Here you need to adjust one thing: Under the ‘Configuration tag’ option, select the ‘GA4 configuration’. If all goes well, it is already there. Click save. You  are now ready, click on ‘Send’. Result If the solution is installed correctly, you will see data appear in your event report after a few days.

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You can find this report under ‘Configure’. Then you go to the ‘Events’ report. The solution tracks six different events: Screenshot of events in GA4 Screenshot of the event report in GA4. In this overview you can see how many sessions last longer than x number of minutes and how many users are involved. With the slider under ‘Mark as conversion’ you can select which of these events you want to use as a conversion. For example, with a session duration of 5 minutes: Set GA4 session duration events as conversion Use the ‘mark as conversion’ slider to set session duration events as conversion. Yes, this is it! With this, we migrated the target with target type ‘Duration’ from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics  . Below I will answer some questions you may have about this solution.

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