Twitter Launches a New Type of Interaction

Twitter has announced a new way of interacting with its ads. In which users are to personalize the response message to an ad on hashtags . A new way to interact with promoted tweets these ads are similar to. The existing promoted tweets, but have one key difference – the tweet is more like a poll. Where users can choose how to respond based on the hashtags the posting account is using. In this way, calls to action are where the user can click to. Subsequently generate an automated tweet with the chosen hashtag that can be personalized. Prior to publication. As an example of this new type of engagement on promoted tweets. The official samsung canada account ran a twitter campaign with this feature: it’s sunday, and you have no plans.

Samsung canada december 19, 2015 in it, he invited his users to respond through the message: « it’s sunday and you have no plans. Is it this is what the samsung canada campaign looked like using hashtags to engage in promoted tweets. This is what the samsung canada campaign looked like using hashtags to engage in promoted tweets. In a strict sense, promoted tweets already represent a way to Georgia Phone Number the conversation, since users can retweet, reply and do other types of interactions as with a regular tweet. However, this new type of ad is more of a method that calls for participation (and seems to be quite effective), since you are not only sharing a sponsored tweet, but you have the possibility to put your own touch on it.

A New Way to Interact With Promoted Tweets

For better or worse, this can mean that you will be seeing more “Advertising” content amongst your feed, which is obviously a good thing for all twitter advertisers as customizing the reply message based on promoted tweets reduces the chances of users skip reading it because it seems too mechanical; this personalization could end up meaning a higher return on investment generated than what might seem like organic content. More reasons to share on twitter in conjunction with this new type of interactive ads, it seems that twitter is looking for a thousand and one ways for its users to have a solid reason to spend more time on the micro-blogging social network . In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, jack dorsey announced the company’s interest in raising the character limit on twitter to 10,000.

Georgia Phone Number

A decision that seems to indicate that twitter is exploring the possibility that once a block of text is integrated as an attachment to a tweet, it can be displayed together with the conventional tweet of a maximum of 140 characters . However, unlike being attached as just an image, this added text will be able to be turned into data, so users will actually be able to search for text or embedded content within tweets. Related posts top 30: the most used hashtags on instagram in the world (2022) what is a hashtag which are the most used in the world and how to apply them in marketing how to implement a sponsored hashtag campaign on tiktok [case study] would you use this new feature for promoted tweets in any campaign for your brand? Share your opinion.

More Reasons to Share on Twitter

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