Twitter Losses Exceed $2 Billion

These are not good times for twitter . The social network with more than 300 million active users is in the red . And it is that twitter has lost a whopping amount of 2,000 million dollars since it was created. That is, since 2006. What a barbarity! And not only that. Since that year in, it has not made a profit . Of course, as their income has been growing -significantly-, so have their costs. But what has really happened for twitter to get to this point? Here is the explanation: the company believes (and has shown it in a statement) that there is a (generic) perception of twitter that is not correct and that this is precisely the key problem of the business: “there cannot be a perception of that our products and services are only useful for large audience influencers.”

At the end of 2015, the company led by jack dorsey claimed that they were suffering “significant operating losses.” added to this is the (also) loss of such an amount of money since 2006. Which is not little. In short, what is clear is that it is a situation that is already causing the first rumors about the possible closure of this social network . Twitter losses continue… and it plummets but it’s not just losing money. The losses of twitter also affect the most important thing that any social network Australia Phone Number List have today: users. We recently learned that in the first quarter -with dorsey at the helm of the company-, the social network lost two million monthly active users, reaching 305 million in the fourth quarter. And all this, for not being what it has to be.

Twitter Losses Continue

And it is that the company has explained that these last few months months of many changes and that it focused on other things . Among them, in “structuring” your team to achieve greater agility at work and better results. And he has also focused -as he says- on live: “live comments, live connections and live conversations”. And of course, with all this, he has forgotten the economic data, which is what most interests a company. The new challenges of twitter but twitter is not giving up . The company wants to continue fighting and that is why it is betting on new advertising formats for its growth. Twitter’s move to grow as a company this year to capture advertising investment, since they estimate that during 2016 twitter will keep 9% of advertising spending on social networks , compared to the 65% market share that facebook would have.

Australia Phone Number List

The new challenge does not look bad at all, especially considering one of the latest modifications that it has recently carried out: it already shows ads to users who visit its pages without being logged marketing trends for 2022, with lucía ochoa and álvaro gómez [elogia] the company works on this aspect with salesforce marketing cloud , formerly exacttarget , to reach users with a single platform without having to use different ones depending on each channel. “with tools of this style, it is also possible to build audience segments so that communications are more precise and generate automatic communication flows with users, something important when many communications have to be sent for different events, for example.”

The New Challenges of Twitter

In addition to the long-awaited and unusual award that leonardo di caprio won The oscars gala has left much more than news about shows and the seventh art industry. In the mobile and social media ecosystem, there is a company that has. Taken advantage of one of the most anticipated events of the year and with the largest television. Audience to present us with a new feature: we are talking about snapchat. The oscars seen from snapchat web if you notice this. At the 2016 academy awards there were live recordings direct from the red carpet to. Broadcast to users through the snapchat page. Within the framework of the oscars, snapchat added an online player that allowed to show. Live what was happening at the oscars, bringing users closer to what was happening. In an “intimate” way via snapchat web.

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