Twitter Story: From a Bright Start to Rumors

You may not know it, but the story of twitter, far from being the typical boring story with investors and offices, has a morbidity that is more like the typical narratives of hollywood . Unlike other startups in silicon valley, the success of twitter is due more to the collaboration of various subjects than to the revolutionary idea of ​​a single visionary. At different times throughout its life, various people have provided ideas and leadership that have made twitter one of the most important social platforms. Of course, this group collaboration has been anything but ideal . Who are the creators of twitter: alliances and betrayals in the social network history of twitter: this is how the idea germinated the earliest history of twitter begins in 2004 in the apartment of noah glass.

An american programmer who devised a project called odeo: his basic idea was the possibility of leaving a recorded message in mp3 format when calling by phone, which was hosted on the cloud. This project would later the creator of blogger.Com, evan williams . Shortly thereafter, odeo became a podcasting platform with 14 employees, including ceo biz stone , williams’ Iran Phone Number List google co-worker, and designer jack dorsey. At first, williams was just an advisor and investor to odeo, not a founder. He later acquired a more active role with the status of co-founder until finally becoming the ceo of the company. Unfortunately around that time, apple launched itunes and odeo, without remedy, secured its fall into hell.

This Is How the Idea Germinated

Williams understood that the startup needed to reinvent itself or modernize itself in some way to avoid failure. Then jack dorsey came up with an idea to turn the company around. Specifically: using sms to create conversations between small groups of people. Glass and dorsey soon started working on this idea and then pitching it to the company, they were excited. Although it is true that williams and stone were not at the same level of emotion. And then twitter was born, the social network of 140 characters this was the twitter interface the day it went public. The social network was born in 2006 as an internal odeo service and this is where the history of twitter really begins. The project went by several names (twiiit, twich, stat.Us), but noah glass ultimately chose ‘twttr’, which mimicked a bird’s trill .

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The name is due to the fact that at that time there was a general tendency for startups. It persists today – to drop the vowels in their name (flickr, tumblr, scribd…). The first tweet in the history of the platform was written by jack dorsey on march 21 of that same year. And said “Just setting up my twttr” (just adjusting my twttr). The platform’s first tweet was posted by jack dorsey on march 21, 2006. It must be said that the limit of 140 characters on tweets that has characterized twitter. So much until very recently was never for creative reasons . Rather they had to put it because they had no choice. Being an sms-based platform, 140 spaces was the standard limit that mobile phone operators established in the sms protocol .

Twitter Story: Noah Glass’s “Bad Luck”

Twitter story: noah glass’s “Bad luck” in october 2006. It is not known very well whether knew (secretly) of the potential of the platform. Or because they did not want to displease. Investors in the face of possible future failures, they bought twitter shares and created obvious corporation. With this change, jack dorsey went from designer to take over as the first CEO. Biz stone as creative director, and evan williams as president. Noah glass was not so lucky because williams was quick to fire him. And glass’s personalities were very different and clashed too much. In either case, williams remained at the helm of the company while glass’s name. To his dismay, was (intentionally) from twitter’s history .


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