Twitter Turns Your Home Page Into a Timeline

Extra! Extra! Twitter now allows you to view tweets without registering! Twitter continues with its news. And the last one is that your home page has become a “timeline”. Or what is the same: anyone who so wishes can access the information published on this. Social network without having to create an account. The “Timeline” on the home page will be organized by different. Categories in which the publications of the most influential profiles will appear, as long as they are. Twitter’s commitment to its timeline this novelty. Which can be accessed both through the web version and through ios and android. Is already available in 23 countries (yes, spain is one of those lucky ones ). But why has he made this decision?

Well. With this, the company intends to gain in reputation and -above all- in the number of users, since it has 320 million active accounts but ensures that there are 500 million people who visit its site each month. And although what twitter is after is to gain users, this latest advance may play tricks on it . And it is that now all those curious internet users who surf the net will be able Argentina Phone Number List freely access the immense number of tweets that are daily. A) yes. Without having to report to anyone. And never better said. But now, let’s review his latest changes, which are not few (other) 3 twitter changes for 2016 the most influential users will not have to see ads on twitter . In order to take care of its most influential users.

Twitter’s Commitment to Its Timeline

The company has to give them the option of not having to see the ads that are. Lately twitter can’t get the users it would like, so it has to manage so that the most vips continue at the foot of the canyon and can drag thousands and thousands of users. That is why now he wants to reward them with this gift. Twitter launches a new type of interaction with hashtags in promoted tweets a few weeks ago, twitter announced a new way of interacting with advertising, in which users are invited to personalize the response message to an ad based on hashtags . Ads that are quite similar to the promoted tweets that existed to date, but with a small difference, and that is that it is more of a survey where users can choose how to respond based on the hashtags that the advertiser is using.

Argentina Phone Number List

The character limit on twitter will go from 140… to 10,000 related posts top: the most followed influencers on social networks in the world (2022) social media images 2022: what sizes and formats you should use these are the 8 most inspiring twitter ads campaigns of 2021 (according to twitter) yes. From 140 to 10,000 characters. It is one of the great ideas that twitter, specifically jack dorsey, ceo of the company, wants to carry out. And he will do it in the following way: once a block of text has been integrated as an attachment, it can be displayed together with the conventional 140-character tweet. But unlike being attached as an image, this added text can be turned into data, so users can search for text or content in tweets.

(Other) 3 Twitter Changes for 2016

Once the user has and on the button to continue, it is then that they are told that the process has practically and that they only have to complete the fields that we ask for to finish the process and obtain the incentive that. . If the process is into two steps, the ltr normally improves significantly according to our speaker. Content upgrade the “ content upgrade ” is also very important in this sense. It is advisable to see which categories / sections are the most visited on the web (we can easily see this information in google analytics) and prepare specific “ lead magnets ” for each case . If the message that is to capture that user’s data is related to what they are visiting, it will always be more attractive to them and the ltr will be better .

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