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The specific method is as follows: Find one thing you want to do, it will make you a little uncomfortable, but you will gain a lot when you do it. For example: fitness. You can break this down into 1,000 separate events, making sure each one is within the Philippines Mobile Number discomfort level you can tolerate. You can first test your tolerance for the best you can, then subtract 20% and start with that value. For example, if I want to do 10,000 pull-ups, then divide it into 1,000 parts, which is 10 each time.

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Start doing it, and don’t force yourself to challenge it as a pleasure. Gradually increase the servings as you get better, for example, after a month, you can do 15, after 3 months, you can do 25. So, 10,000 looks like it takes 1,000 days to complete, but in fact, you can get it done in 9 months. The essence of this method is to break down a big pain into 1,000 small discomforts, and then incorporate it into your daily life, develop it into a habit, and turn Philippines Mobile Number discomfort into comfort. Through the above method, we can improve our ability, change some bad habits, and cultivate some good habits. 1. The habit of procrastination. The main reason why we procrastinate is because we are doing something that makes us uncomfortable. So our minds generate all sorts of excuses and temptations to push us to do easier and more comfortable things.

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When we define something as “uncomfortable,” we instinctively don’t want to do it and find ways to put it off until tomorrow. But if we can break this pain down into 1,000s of tolerable levels, then things get easier. We can make a table called “Beat Philippines Mobile Number Procrastination”. Every time you have the idea of ​​procrastinating, do it immediately, and add +1 on the form after completing the task. When you complete 1000+, the habit of procrastinating will be eradicated. 2. The habit of fitness. We don’t go to the gym because we feel uncomfortable, but if we c

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