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Google search results show a No Title tag for some sites in the last 3 days. People who click on these sites are sent to spam sites. According to messages from users on hacker news and reddit. Google results for no title. Here is what Hacker News users posted. Over the past few Nigeria Phone Number  days I’ve noticed a unique. Google response that is simply no title which. Points to other sites that are definitely spam and could. Be malware I didn’t stop long to investigate. I’ve seen other examples of titles like Oh refer to similar spam sites. From looking at the results under the heading, the results seem to match the query Nigeria Phone Number  but most of them end up submitting a fake captcha page. about Hacker News There is speculation in this topic that some of the reports of.

Untitled responses are due Nigeria Phone Number

WordPress site This thread refers to another topic in Hacker News which included additional evidence of the issue in a discussion about writing the title of a Google Nigeria Phone Number page. There must be something funny about this because I now get a No title response that leads directly to spam. It takes a lot of time now because I usually get really good results because I’m looking for something related to coding and I’m not I can no longer use that account for research. 5Qn8mNbc2FNCiVV by Hacker Nigeria Phone Number  News On Reddit there is additional discussion on this issue. One user shared the appearance of the Untitled headlines. Google Answers. When notified of the issue and topic via Twitter Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan tweeted We’re already working on it.

On Reddit Sullivan Added This Nigeria Phone Number

Nigeria Phone Number

It’s spam something our system usually gets so we’re looking at it to improve. He also added I can’t repeat this myself but it still helps your understanding that it happens Nigeria Phone Number on your desktop and phone. We are looking into it. Why do we care Many have questioned the quality of Google’s search results in recent months if true some SEO professionals have been questioning the quality of Google’s search results for much longer than that. But spam or malware sites are bad for users in search Nigeria Phone Number  results which is bad for Google. While this issue won’t make most users leave Google where are they going Something like this does give SEO and search a bad name.


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