Ux Rank: User Experience, a Pending Issue in Spain

Among the characteristics that define a good website are that it is intuitive, accessible, that it has a friendly interface, that it adapts to mobile devices and, of course, that it offers a great user experience . That is, the brand has to adapt its website to the needs of its client, and it has to be easy for them to cover these needs. Well, it seems that the main spanish companies are still not aware of the value generated by this user experience on the web. Most of them have only obtained a “Sufficient” in terms of usability, and 40% have “Failed” in adaptability, as they do not have a version adapted to mobile devices. This follows from the latest study on user experience (ux rank) , carried out by the marketing and digital communication consultant, top position ,

which has analyzed eighty usability variables of the websites of the 100 main companies operating in spain. Ecommerce, “Remarkable” in responsive design, but “High enough” in user experience the study shows that e-commerce websites pass the test of adaptability with ease, since 76% have their website adapted correctly to mobile devices. However, in terms of user Mexico Phone Number List the average score is 6.3 points (out of 10), very far from what is expected for this type of website, where the important thing is that the user buys quickly and correctly. Simple. Likewise, it is also surprising that, in terms of payment methods, half of the e-commerce (54%) do not offer the user different forms of payment ,

Corporate Websites “suspend” on Smartphones

or do not display the shopping cart properly (76%) and they don’t even give full descriptions of their products (58%). Specifically, and based on the ranking revealed by the study, iberia, movistar and booking would be the best e-commerce websites in spain with a score of 8.2; 7.9 and 7.8 respectively. At the bottom, however, would be renfe (4.8), alcampo (4.3) and mercadona (3.7). Corporate websites “suspend” on smartphones the corporate websites analyzed have only obtained a 5.4 in user experience, but their main flaw is the lack of adaptation to mobile devices. Specifically , 66% of the companies analyzed do not have a responsive design, and the average score is 4.4 points out of 10, that is, fail; despite the fact that google announced in april of last year that it would penalize companies that did not have a design adapted to smartphones in their searches.

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By companies, abertis (8), acciona (7.7) and telefónica (7.5) lead the ux rank ; and in the last positions we find acs (3), mercadona – corporate website (2.7) and bolsas y mercados (2.3). By sectors, travel and leisure, in first position, together with the «online marketplaces» as for the sectors. Those with the best web user experience are portals dedicated to «travel and leisure» and e-commerce platforms («online marketplaces»). With an average score of 6.4. They are followed by fashion and accessories, with 6.3; technology and communication, with 6.2; infrastructure, with a 6.1; that of energy, with 5.4; and lastly, food, with a grade of 5.

By Sectors, Travel and Leisure, in First Position

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