Viceroy Launches an Ambitious Brand Repositioning

Viceroy is one of the main brands in the spanish watchmaking sector. With decades of experience in the noble art of dressing the dolls of thousands of people, viceroy has now decided that the time has come to reposition its brand . To do this, it has just launched #esloquesoy, an ambitious and interesting campaign on social networks … With a prize included. Viceroy #esloquesoy: a new orientation for a classic brand viceroy’s management in spain has decided to take a radical turn in its brand positioning, making a firm commitment to digital marketing. Thus, the watchmaker has launched a multimedia campaign under the hashtag #esloquesoy, for which it has had the collaboration of the elogia online marketing agency.

This repositioning of viceroy makes the user the protagonist of its brand, placing it at the center of its strategy. Something that is reflected both on its website and on its social media, with special relevance to facebook , twitter and instagram , as well as in its claim “whoever you are, there is a viceroy for you. Because now viceroy #esloquesoy”. Viceroy gets closer to its customers viceroy’s new campaign is based on the ways of being of its clients Venezuela Phone Number places “Being” ahead of “Having”: being a son, father, friend, lover, beautiful, from the crowd, happy… Visitors to the home of viceroy must evaluate their way of being through different attributes depending on how they define themselves (classic, modern, casual, bold, sporty or elegant).

Viceroy Gets Closer to Its Customers

Next, a ” thermometer” will analyze the personality of each user based on the. Answers that each one has expressed in the application and will assign the. Product of the new collection that best fits their way of being. To provide the campaign with greater interactivity. Each participant can share the result of the personality test with both their facebook friends and their twitter community. Bloggers and personalities join the viceroy campaign as we explained to you at the time , it is important that a campaign of this type has the support of people outside the brand. In this case, viceroy has relied on four well-known bloggers and instagramers, who help represent the features that best define its range of products.

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Among these stand out silvia from lady addict , antonio miranda , mayte de la iglesia and yellow glasses. Related posts elogia closes 2021 improving its profit by 51% with the focus on attracting talent digital marketing trends for 2022, with lucía ochoa and álvaro gómez [elogia] this is the christmas campaign of toys’r’us spain that has become a viral phenomenon in any case, the repositioning of the brand is not limited to this campaign . Aside from #esloquesoy, viceroy has had a new standard-bearer for a few months now: penelope cruz. Which will help its products move away, to a certain extent. From an image that until then was associated with a more masculine type of customer… And classic.

Bloggers and Personalities Join the Viceroy Campaign

I think the best way to understand it is by giving a couple of examples. Nikon has the nikonistas website which, as they themselves explain. Is the “ nikon digital camera user website ”. Nikon on this page offers training to users of its cameras and accessories. So that they can get the most out of the products they buy from this brand. The same goes for the workshops offered by apple . This company offers its users the possibility of signing up for workshops. That take place in person at some of its stores. And in these they will be able to learn how to. Handle the apple devices that they have purchased and how to. Use the products and applications that they have launched. What benefit does the company get from offering this service. And what advantages does it have in the area of ​​marketing?

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