Waze Launches a Tool Aimed at Transport

One of the collaborative apps with the most users in the world, waze. Has just introduced a new tool called transport sdk . This service is on mobility and transport service companies. So that they can optimize their services and grow their business. Transport sdk, a large database all this becomes possible thanks to the integration. Of waze services into their own apps. Such as the estimated time of arrival at a destination, point-to-point navigation. And all the information that is on driver routes. Waze transport sdk will provide its partners with an unrivaled knowledge base. Based on driving information provided by users of the same app for years worldwide (colloquially known as ‘wazers’).

Thus, this database builds one of the largest sets of data and predictions. Available regarding the traffic of cities and highways in different countries. However, the base is not built alone, but with a series of initial partner companies. In different countries: cabify (from spain, chile, peru, mexico and colombia) lyft (from USA). 99taxis (from brazil ) justpark (from united kingdom ) genesis pulse (from usa) cornershop (from mexico and chile). These initial waze transport sdk partners were selected for Croatia Phone Number List their track record. Of innovation and for being on the same page when it comes to serving the consumer. The benefits of the cross-sector effort with waze in itself. The fact that a service provider makes use of this new. Tool for waze benefits both mobile developers and consumers.

Transport Sdk, a Large Database

The former will have the opportunity to develop new features that will further improve their applications and, of course, the more benefits and improvements they have, the more benefits end consumers will be able to enjoy. An example of this is that customers of partners such as cabify will be able to benefit from a shorter waiting time for their vehicle, faster routes, greater security in them, among others – everything will be thanks to the algorithms of the waze routes that have been reported historically, thus creating predictive information. The use of the waze transport sdk will be free, and will be a step forward in a cross-industry effort to work with different organizations to offer more efficient routes that lead to safer roads.

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Social networks and television have come together to give each other more popularity, and they have done so by encouraging the active participation of viewers in the development of television spaces using social networks. Although it has not reached its peak, it is clear that its growth is unstoppable. Hashtags and tv shows the social audience is one that analyzes the audience that interacts with television programs through social networks, as well as interesting data related to this. There are no longer a few programs that include the possibility of participating in social networks by commenting on which social networks they have a presence and including a hashtag for each moment, character or program considered key.

The Benefits of the Cross-sector Effort

For this reason, now the conversation about television monopolizes the conversations on social networks in prime time slots. In the last year, 78% of twitter users have commented on a television program. Social content is also becoming an extension of television content, something that completes or complements it, or simply adds something to the bigger picture. While watching television, more and more viewers connect to the internet to comment on what is happening or what they think, and television channels favor this by creating their own hashtags and even reading some live comments.

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