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The habit of reading. People who are not used to reading will see reading as a very painful thing. If you can build a table, put +1 on it after every chapter you read. After gradually forming a habit, change to reading a book and +1, you will find that Poland Mobile Number you can even read 5 books a month. Then reading will become less painful, and become a habitual thing. When you can talk to others about what you read and what you think, it can be very fulfilling. 4. The habit of getting up early.

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To cultivate the habit of waking up early, you must first set a purpose for yourself to wake up early. And this purpose will make you look forward to the next morning soon. If you are a foodie, you might as well prepare a hearty breakfast ingredient before going to bed, and make yourself a delicious breakfast when you wake up in the morning. I set myself Poland Mobile Number the goal of waking up early to play games for half an hour (amazing, right), and that appealed to me. So, if I want to get up at 6:30, then I will set my alarm at 6, then get up quickly, and when I start up, I will brush my teeth and wash my face, then warm up a glass of milk, and listen to the English radio while playing games. Through this method, I have turned discomfort into comfort, making what would otherwise be difficult easy and highly anticipated. 5.

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The habit of writing. No matter how much you read, if you don’t write it, you can’t become your own. If you can’t speak to others, you can’t get corrections and feedback, and you can’t know what level your opinion is at. Writing is a very good tool Poland Mobile Number for sorting out your thoughts, sorting out the arguments in your usual reading, thinking about them, and summarizing them into your own words. In this way, logical ability and thinking ability will be gradually strengthened. Of course, writing is a pain, you need to organize your thoughts and organize your words to express them. Moreover, when you are facing the computer, you have to eliminate the distraction of various chores, which is also a kind of exercise for concentration.

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