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Page engagement is not an element of search engine optimization, but it is. Gradually but surely Google has made user experience part of its ranking Germany Phone Numberalgorithm. We don’t know. By the same token For years SEO has been looking for ways to evaluate user satisfaction. Many mistakenly believe that pollution rates are one way. Yield rate is the percentage of visitors from an external. Source that stick to one page and leave without going to another. Don’t confuse bounces Germany Phone Numberand exits. The latter is a visitor who leaves a page even from an internal link. Return a search result, a process called pogo-sticking. High production rates may indicate slow loading. Rate because dissatisfied visitors often.

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Rate may mean that the page is providing what visitors. Are looking for, or it may mean that the page is not enough. Google also understands this, saying repeatedly Germany Phone Number that it does not use production rate as a ranking indicator. To see your website traffic rate, go to Google Analytics and go to Settings Website Content All Pages . You will see the average bounce rate and the rate of each page. Screenshot of the google analytics page showing. The production rate to see your website  Germany Phone Number traffic rate. Go to google analytics and go to behavior website content all pages. To other pages on your site-to identify and understand. Pages with unusually high or low bounce rates.

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This could also mean that the page responds. To the needs of visitors without the need to look at. The site further. Behavior for users once you know which pages. Have Germany Phone Number a higher-than-average conversion rate. Keep track of what visitors are doing to those pages and the related elements. Microsoft’s user interface tool, clarity, helps to identify the on page experience. One of clarity’s most useful reports is quick back which lists a page. With the percentage of visitors who clicked the Germany Phone Number back button. Clarity is the only free tool that provides this new concept. The content that pushes visitors back to where they came from and why. The action of the return button is more informative than the bounce.

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