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These were a few examples that show where frustration can lead. A frustration can ultimately make our lives easier, bring about change and even make the world a better place. The most important thing about these examples is that a frustration does not remain a frustration, but is the first step in an Armenia Phone Number important change, an innovation that can take us further. What is your frustration? And now you. Are the above examples recognizable? Has there ever been a frustration that led to a change action for you? Did you start a business out of frustration? Because you saw that things can be done differently? And maybe now you are thinking about something that has annoyed Armenia Phone Number you for a long time? That is a wonderful source of nutrition to start with a movement and work towards the solution.

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This can lead to a business that can bring real change. In this way, frustration can lead to something positive. I call on you to do something with it, not to let your frustration lie, but to Armenia Phone Number come to a solution and thus contribute to a better world. From frustration to success Have you already done this and is there a wonderful company? Do you want your conviction to reach your target audience? My frustration is stories Armenia Phone Number that are fake or poorly told. They have no effect. The world needs to be more real and believable.

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That is why I help companies and brands to tell their brand story in the best possible way. The seed of frustration from which a company has sprung is often a very good source to draw from. It delivers vision, goals and a strong brand story. Well translated and creatively presented, this story will touch your target Armenia Phone Numberaudience, convince and lead to success. video player 00:00 00:02 Content marketing & storytelling training: spread stories worth sharing Content and storytelling. These are terms that everyone is talking about these days. But what do they mean? What are the criteria of a good story, and how do you ensure that your content stands out and is shared? This two-day training teaches you all the ins and outs about content and storytelling and goes beyond the theory alone.

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