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Everything you are going to do in the implementation of this plan, you do together with your board / management. It affects the strategy, culture, finances and even more departments within the organization. This is no longer part of HRM and recruitment. In my view, HRM and recruitment should be the architects of this story. But you need the buy-in from the board / management to get started with this. Structural, not incidental. Let go of the definition vacancy 2. Expand your teaching methods Here is the biggest change in our story. Grab a yoga mat and a guinea pig, a cuddly pillow at a spiritual center or an imaginary bubble in the local pine forest. You know what I mean, let go of everything before you can really focus on my next question: what happens in your organization when you let go of the definition of vacancy?

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We are all used to thinking in terms of vacancies. Profiles with blocks of 24-32 or 40 hours of labor that goes with it. Seriously think about this, because we are always working on vacancies, when we should be talking about the total demand and capacity of labour. Woman on a yoga mat Normally we see vacancies, which are then divided into  permanent and flex. Flex is then further subdivided into freelance and temporary employment (high-about this statement). But that’s about it. If you have children like me, you have also seen the Disney film Frozen on average 844 times with fresh reluctance. I’m not a fan of Frozen , I’m not a fan of princesses (I’m a fan of puppies so I’m not a psycho), I’m suspicious of talking snowmen and snow monsters and I don’t really like snow at all (I do like the Jägermeister that comes with it) . Buy Netherlands Phone Number mailing list.

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Also read: A really working recruitment strategy? Now look at labor differently [5 steps] More of today’s best advice really comes from this movie Frozen : let it go! Princess Elsa understood that (that’s Princess Anna’s sister)! Like me, she also thought of the fixed definition of the Dutch vacancy. Let it go let it go. That’s what it’s about. If you can let go of that definition and think more in terms of the total capacity of labor supply and demand, you will look at the market and therefore your entire organization in a completely different way. So in addition to the vacancy, which is normally filled by the ‘permanent’ or ‘flex’ employee, we will all discuss all other forms of work and work together.



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