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In this article you will learn how to verify the index status of your most important URLs on different websites at one time. Instead of verifying a GSC property Benin Phone Number  in part only we will do it on multiple sites automatically no need to move each macro. The goal is for you to open a page click the Refresh all button and have Analytics Edge verify all the top URLs on multiple sites. This can save you some time as well as provide critical intelligence on important URLs that are no Benin Phone Number  longer listed. You can only make 2,000 requests per day through the URL Inspection API part of the GSC property. But there is a big difference between a site and a GSC property. Remember that you can create multiple GSC properties per site by adding directories and subdomains.

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You should wake up in no time. Once you’ve installed the basic add-in, you can quickly add the Google Search Console link. You need both to accomplish Benin Phone Number  what I will discuss in this article. As for licensing, there is a free trial for the basic installation and the GSC connector. After that, it’s 99 per year for the basic introduction and 50 per year for the GSC connector. It’s time to connect to your Google account which can access the GSC properties you Benin Phone Number want to view. In Excel click Analytics Edge in the top menu. Next click Google Search. Then the account in the drop down menu. Go through the process to connect your Google account and grant access.

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