Why Doesn’t Google Know My Competitor’s Links Venezuela Phone Number

This week’s Ask An SEO question was by Arvin from Vancouver Canada who wrote. One of our competitors got tons of backlinks from unrelated. Posts including forums like apache although even after updates. Like penguin why are they considered an important backlink to google. Let me start by saying, Arvin, that we are a sports loving family. I currently have four children on a team of seven. I love the lessons sports teach my kids. And one of the biggest lessons I take to pass on to my kids is not to blame the judges for losing. I have never seen a sporting event where if one of the teams had done something better the referee’s call would never have affected the outcome. If you know how to play the SEO game what your competitors are doing even Google and Bing shouldn’t matter to you.

Focusing on Your Competitor’s SEO Rather

Than improving your own is a frustrating waste of time. But as an SEO it is important to understand the factors that affect the ranking of each keyword. If you don’t work at Google you’re never sure why one site ranks above another. We can make complex mathematical models to try Venezuela Phone Number to understand the algorithm. But the conclusion we can never be sure of. In fact I’m not even sure that people working at Google can tell you exactly why one site ranks above another. The algorithm is so complex that no one can completely turn it around. How do you know if the links are relevant. There is no way to know if Google has counted the links built by your competitors.

None of the Many Backlink Analysis Tools

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On the market today can tell you whether Google counts links or not. These tools use data collected from their own analysis to determine if a link is relevant or toxic. Your competitors may turn their wheels and spend money on buying links that do nothing for their SEO. Meanwhile a simple piece of content or a link from a strategic website can increase the website’s ranking. Focus on the strengths of your competitors When you look at the bad things your competitors are doing, you may not find a strategy that can get you higher than that keyword you can’t get. Don’t look at everything you think goes away from them but look at what they do that is legal that you don’t.

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