Why Have Google Ads Disappeared

In the last couple of months, google has been testing in their search results with 4 ads at the top of the page , where before the top ad unit had 1-3 ads, which made users think hard and led to to many rumors about the possibility of google ads undergoing a radical change. Now the rumors have come true, and the google ads have stopped showing on the right side of the screen. Rubén bastón explains it to you in this video. What are those four ad units from now on, google’s advertising blocks will have four ads, when until very recently there were up to 3. We must point out that these blocks will look the same as before, since they continue to maintain their characteristics, including links and location improvements; only a fourth entry is added.

Although from the search engine they affirm that the ad units have only been introduced in commercial searches, the truth is that we can also see them in other types of searches and very soon they will be seen in all search results. The evolution of google ad units at Brazil Phone Number List beginning of introducing this new product, the blocks of 4 ads in google represented only 1% of the search results , until about two weeks ago something changed and it was on the morning of february 18 that the percentage grew considerably of 4 google ad blocks ( 18.9% according to moz ). On february 23, already more than a third of the searches had blocks of 4 ads, which shows that these developments are being introduced rapidly in a short time.

What Are Those Four Ad Units

It is conceivable that within a very short time all google blocks will be four ads. The right column of ads disappears in addition, google has announced the disappearance of the ads in the right column : in fact (as you can see) as of february 23 they have completely disappeared. The disappearance of ads from the right column (where there were historically up to 8 ads) correlates with the expansion in google ad units at the top of the page. The right side would be reserved for other search engine modules (google services and products such as google shopping, as you can see in the image), as indicated by the company, leaving only the top and bottom of the page for ads . This could lead to an increase in the cost of adwords campaigns by reducing the space available for advertising .

Brazil Phone Number List

After having tested with a selected group of users, it is now. Expanding to the whole world and in all languages. Ads on google one of the things that google may be doing with. This is to standardize the advertising ecosystem of all devices. Since mobile does not support the right column of advertising . On the other hand, they could be designing a new strategy to optimize. Advertising with fewer ad units but higher campaign profitability. We will have to see where this evolves , since for now it is still. To all users and its results will have to be analyzed a little more.we will see how. This strategy evolves in the future, but it is obvious to you that the time. Has come for facebook to reap results thanks to its hegemonic position in the market.

The Evolution of Google Ad Units

Which on the other hand has cost them a lot of time and effort to achieve. Nobody thinks that facebook is going to eat google , but it is true that their huge base. Of active users puts them in a position where they can radically alter the market for online advertising. Within the framework of the 2016 oscars, snapchat added an online player that allowed to show live. What was happening at the gala, bringing users closer to what was happening via snapchat web. This effort is a continuation of the movement in the ephemeral social network at the beginning. Of 2016 , when the app  the profile urls. To each of the users in order to allow access to other profiles through links and not. Only in the user-user way in the mobile app. Following the oscars, snapchat revealed its true purpose for this new feature. To connect people with the content they care about through certain star users.

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