Yahoo Mail Prevents Access to Users With Ad Blockers

In recent days, some users of the yahoo mail service have been met with the unpleasant news that they could not access their mail account if they did not first disable their ad blockers. According to information published by the north american portal digiday , the adblock plus forums are receiving complaints from people who could not access their yahoo mail account from chrome and firefox. One of these yahoo mail users recorded a screenshot of the message that asked him to “Turn off adblocker to continue using” the service, as you can see in the image. Criticism from internet users quickly began, who soon jumped to twitter with strong attacks on yahoo, which is opening its doors wide so that its fewer and fewer users leave.

Yahoo mail in this way, yahoo mail joins other web services that are. Preventing users who do not disable their ad blockers from accessing their content. The tactic became known when it was applied by the washington post. And has been adopted by the online edition of other newspapers such as london’s city am. Yahoo mail fuels debate over Peru Phone Number blockers with their fight against ad blockers. Internet companies want to safeguard their main source of income, advertising. Against the rejection of ad-weary users, garish advertising and security problems associated with the use of flash player. The problem is that websites like the washington post can afford this luxury thanks to the. Prestige of being the online version of one of the most prestigious and followed newspapers on the planet.

Yahoo Mail Fuels Debate Over Ad Blockers

Instead, yahoo mail (like other services) has been losing users to google. And making things harder for them doesn’t seem like the best way to keep them. The example of yahoo mail can serve as an excuse to consider the necessary balance between. The consumption of web services and the financial support of the companies that provide these services . In the case of other traditional media such as television. The consumption of advertising is. Let’s say, more voluntary, since there is always the possibility of zapping while the scheduled. Announcements are taking place. But on the internet, the user is captivated by that pop-up ad that hides the content he wants to access and there are only two options. Either wait and close the ad or use ad blockers that automatically prevent the display of the ad.


Of course, it is a topic with many edges, in which it is necessary to take into account. Everything from the economic interests at stake to the rights of users. Saturated with advertising exposure. The controversial measure of yahoo mail. The excessive zeal in defending advertising on its website, can lead it to lose. In addition to angry users, advertising revenue. Because let’s not forget that companies value better media with more users , which are more potential buyers. Adblock plus, 100 million downloads since 2006 adblock plus is the main ad blocker. On the market, and one of those affected by the yahoo mail measure. It is an extension for mozilla firefox, google chrome or internet explorer that performs the content filter function .

Adblock Plus, 100 Million Downloads Since 2006

A free tool , which allows users to prevent elements of web pages, such as advertising, from being and on the screen. This also speeds up the speed and rendering of the pages. This program has been in the list of firefox add-ons since january 17, 2006. Its massive use translates into an average of 80,000 daily downloads since then, reaching 100 million in total. Related posts what are the most used browsers and search engines in spain (2022) what are the most used search engines and browsers in the world… after google and chrome goodbye yahoo answers, yahoo takes another step towards forgetting its old glory adblock blocks http requests according to their source address and can block iframes, scripts, and flash .

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