Yahoo Separates Tumblr’s Commercial Team

Is it the beginning of a definitive separation? A move that seems like the end of the relationship, yahoo has decided to bring its own business team back to tumblr . The storm, yahoo decides to separate from tumblr tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows its users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes, and audio; in it, users can follow other registered users and see their entries along with their own (which is why tumblr can be considered a social media and tool). For some time now, tumblr belongs to yahoo, but the situation in the latter is not the best . For some time now there has been talk of a possible sale of the company, perhaps not in its entirety but important enough to keep its stake in alibaba as its main business .

Even yahoo continues to be pressured by its investors to the point that they have had to increase their policy of cuts and layoffs . It has gone from 12,500 workers in december 2014 to about 11,000 at the end of june last year and recently proposed reducing its workforce by 15% . A decision that was coming in that wave of rumors, the sale of tumblr by yahoo emerges as another possibility; tumblr itself is believed to have already begun its process of disconnecting from the matrix Philippines Phone Number List an eye toward selling it (the latter is backed up by business insider in a press release ). This disconnection contrasts with the great desires and feeling of synergy of 2013 when yahoo acquired tumblr for more than 1,100 million dollars (more than 985 million euros); back then.

In the Storm, Yahoo Decides to Separate

The computer giant was looking to get the most value out of tumblr because. oOf the promise of a young, much-wanted and much-needed audience for yahoo. At that time, marissa mayer decided to merge the commercial teams. Of both companies, but the result was never what was expected. Since conflicts only arose due to economic issues. These quarrels have made the director of yahoo today decide to return her own commercial team to tumblr. Including pricing policies. Although if it is not publicly present, it can be understood that behind the “Commitment” that yahoo. Had maintained all these years of having an exclusive commercial team for tumblr. There were only hidden intentions by having practically independent organizational charts.

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It is possible that it is only a matter of time before this separation becomes public. What are the pros and cons you see for both companies? Share your opinion. Does that count or will it count if the views on instagram videos are with sound? What we have been able to learn is that it seems that the video has to be played for 3 seconds to count as a view. More news related to instagram an instagram series recently launched , shield five, featuring exclusive 15-second videos and photos. The 28-episode series can be viewed on instagram every day . The boomerang app has also been launched , allowing you to make videos of up to 15 seconds that loop and can be shared with instagram. Very recently, the possibility of advertising in 60-second videos had also been announced .

A Decision That Was Coming

There are several novelties that we are seeing around instagram. And that can be seen in the coming weeks. Such as the recent arrival of Instagram multi-account support . The company itself has also announced that the new feature will be one of the. Many ways it will improve the video experience in the app this year. Instagram keeps getting better currently instagram has 400 million users and has. A lot of possibilities. It is currently in the hands of facebook. After paying $1 billion for it in 2012. Related posts instagram removes hyperlapse and boomerang from app stores top. The most followed influencers on social networks in the world (2022) facebook launches reels globally. And introduces new tools for its creators today it is one of the most important social networks. And is gaining in popularity despite the fact that its videos cannot be longer than 15 seconds.

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