Youtube Introduces Donation Cards

For ngos (non-governmental organizations) digital marketing has gained importance in recent years, expanding their chances of attracting donors, supporters and resources. Included in the latter is the ever-increasing need for email campaigns. Now, youtube has just made life easier for ngos in the us , allowing them to use the videos posted on the social network to channel funds towards the cause. Introducing youtube donation cards. Donation cards: youtube in support of ngos in itself, the day-to-day of ngos -or what is also called the “Third sector” (that of society)- is quite difficult, because unless there is some process in which the association sells a product or service , the rest of its sustainability depends on capturing resources from donors or eventually from other organizations and foundations that are dedicated to financing them.

The new implementation presented is a “donation cards” ( donation cards in english), an option that will allow any ngo within the list of validated third-sector organizations in the us to receive donations through youtube. Although this option could already be used by the organizations themselves, the great novelty is that these cards can be inserted from any video and not necessarily within the specific ngo account or user. This will allow brands or personalities with large audiences and Cambodia Phone Number List capture to channel their social actions through the inclusion of these cards in their videos. In some way, we could say that these types of tools could have been quite effective during the fervor of the « ice bucket challenge «: how donation cards work these donation cards will appear similar to the recommended content cards in a certain part of the video (as desired by the editor user).

Donation Cards: Youtube in Support of Ngos

by clicking on one of them, the process will begin where the user can allocate a donation to the ngo and its cause. Once you make the donation, the ngo will receive 100% of the amount. As stipulated by google , the company will not absorb absolutely none of that nor will it charge commissions for charges on cards and bank accounts it is clear that youtube users could already use annotations and other collateral means to channel users to sites or spaces where they could make a donation. However, we know that the content inherent in the video format is much more likely to attract the attention of users to become a true donation. For now, this program will only be available to youtube users in the us, but google states that it plans to open this feature to other countries.

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Ricardo galli, founder and until now ceo of menéame, announces his departure from the company. Leaving the baton of management in the hands of daniel seijo. New ceo of menéame and until now one of the top managers of a dedicated blog to the automotive world. The abandonment of ricardo galli galli cites in a statement on his. Blog “Personal reasons” for throwing in the towel, in addition to other “Objective” reasons. Among which he highlights the need to give the company a new impetus. Galli’s journey as ceo of menéame has not been without controversy. Both because of his opinions on social networks , since he has never shied away from confrontation. With whoever was , and because of menéame’s own dynamics. Which on more than one occasion has been accused of harboring trolls.

How Donation Cards Work

Until now menéame has been a purely personal project of its founder. The cryptic tone in which he said goodbye saying that. “He will explain his personal reasons in due time”. Does not help to reveal the motivations for his departure. Although the former ceo of menéame himself acknowledges that he has not been. Able to generate income commensurate with the importance that the portal has come to. Have and that it cannot dedicate enough time to it.  Sounds like a full-fledged admission of defeat. In any case, galli does not completely withdraw from menéame. Although he claims to have given the new managers “An important part”.  Company as “Advisor and counselor” so that the portal “Continues to be what it is in its best aspects” .

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