Youtube Red Will Launch Original Content

At the end of the year 2015 we saw the birth of youtube red , the premium service of the social network with the same name; this finally became a reality (after a long time of rumours), and it began to be available at the end of october for the equivalent of $9.9 dollars (€8.8) per month in the us. This new service replaced google music key and gives users an easier way to watch or listen to videos from youtube and the play music library, all without the presence of advertising. Original online series and movies via youtube since then, it was expected that this year the youtube network would also give its users access to a gallery of original online series and movies , netflix-style; that distant forecast has finally come true, and youtube red will premiere its first original content on february 10, 2016.

Until now, if you subscribed to youtube red, the only thing you did was pay google to remove advertising from videos on youtube and the availability of playback of some videos in offline mode. Now, starting next week, youtube red will also begin providing its subscribers with 100% original online series and movies . First of all, this is a list -and description- of the first original Armenia Phone Number List of youtube red , in online movie format: a trip to unicorn island : from the crew behind ” astronauts wanted ,” this film gives fans an extraordinary look inside the life of lilly singh as she embarks on a tour of 26 cities where he has to remember to do what he preaches so much: happiness is the only thing worth fighting for.

Original Online Series and Movies via Youtube

Dance camp : this awesomenesstv film tells a stunning story of quirky friendships, passions, and self-discovery through the power of dance. Lazer team (“Team lazer”) : an action-comedy film from rooster teeth and fullscreen films. In which four “Losers” encounter an alien ship that is taking on a mysterious cargo. Leading them to have a battle for good. To save the earth. Also “Participates” the walking dead in addition to the online movies already listed. Youtube red is also debuting its own original series: scarepewdiepie . This is produced by the same creators and executive producers of the famous series ” the walking dead “. Where the character pewdiepie experiences situations of terror -and laughter. All inspired by his favorite video games.

Armenia Phone Number List

It should be clarified that if you are deciding whether to invest in a subscription to this service or netflix. The target of the social network is far from being. Someone who would enjoy a series like house of cards or breaking bad (this in addition to other compelling reasons such. As which rubén bastón explains in the following video). In any case, the creators behind these online series and movies already have a large number. Of loyal users as an audience on youtube . According to google / youtube itself. These original content will help tell bigger and stronger stories to entertain your audience. For now, google has yet to find out how many users have actually subscribed to youtube red. As it churns out more original content throughout 2016.

Also “Participates” the Walking Dead

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