Zalando Launches a New Version of Its Fashion App in Spain

Some time ago we told you about the appearance in spain of the zalando fashion app: an application developed for android and ios that was designed to offer a shopping experience similar to that experienced on a desktop computer by millions of customers ( and fans) from the popular german online store. Now, almost two years later , zalando has decided to renew its fashion app to try to further exploit the potential of mcommerce when it comes to selling clothing and footwear online. Zalando’s new fashion app in detail the truth is that zalando’s fashion app was a very good mcommerce application. Not in vain, we value it with a remarkable in our ranking of mcommerce applications . But, obviously, the dizzying evolution experienced by this type of app in recent months made it necessary to redesign it in order to adapt it to the latest trends in the sector.

Thus, 14 million downloads later , the new design proposed by the german. Company’s team includes larger images as well as new ways. To quickly browse the product range, such as the option to slide your finger through the articles in the catalogue. Available for both Cameroon Phone Number List and ios. This update complements the website and mobile site while providing interaction capabilities specific to current apps. The new design also includes content made exclusively for mobile devices. Which includes videos, fashion editorial features and slider brand lookbooks. “At zalando we pay attention to every point of contact with the customer. We know that mobile devices require a special approach when it comes to the consumer experience.

Zalando’s New Fashion App in Detail

Customers interact with apps in micro-moments and ours is perfect for that. The update focuses on two aspects: on the one hand, a great shopping experience ; and on the other, the quality of the editorial content, which not only exposes brands, but also shows zalando’s competence in terms of fashion. We want our customers to be inspired, to discover all that zalando has to offer and to fully immerse themselves in the content created exclusively for the app,” said nuzhat naweed., head of product and mobile engineering at zalando, who has directed the redesign of the fashion app. A new step in the evolution of zalando in any case, this is not the first evolution of zalando’s online proposal.

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Over the past year, the german company has already experimented. With various improvements to its ecommerce, such as “Get the look”. A function designed to inspire customers and help them find the perfect match for their favorite clothes. Through this function, once an item is selected. It is possible to buy the other products of the outfit shown on the product description page. In addition to this, he has helped ordinary people become stars. Or failing that, influencers , turning publishing and creating content for social networks into a way of life. The person who currently has the most followers on instagram is cristiano ronaldo and the second is ariana grande . For its part, the photo with the most likes at this time is that of the egg. Which was published with the aim of taking the record from kylie jenner.

A New Step in the Evolution of Zalando

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